• Curriculum

    Cobden Primary School prides itself on collaborative planning to ensure learning and teaching is targeted at children’s point of need. Teaching is based on individual assessment, which allows learning to be diverse, directed and challenging. Cobden Primary School implements successful whole school literacy programs such as Spelling Mastery, Daily 5, VCOP Big Write and CAFÉ. The Cobden Primary Mathematics Scope and Sequence ensures all for support, extension and a systematic approach to teaching numeracy. Cobden Primary School also prides itself on excellent implementation of our integrated curriculum areas.

    Specialty areas at Cobden Primary School include:

    – Physical Education, where a specialist teacher provides weekly lessons to children for Prep to Year 6. Sporting events such as Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, Cross Country and clinics as well as entry into District, Regional and State events ensure all children have the opportunity to participate to a high level.

    – Language other than English (LOTE), all children attend a weekly LOTE session where the Bahasa Indonesian language and culture are taught. The children participate in activities that lead to understanding, information gathering, creating, translating and reflection of various topics.

    – Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which is an integral aspect of each child’s school day. Students link in with the Victorian Curriculum to further their skills in ICT.

    Cobden Primary School supports students with special learning needs through intervention and extension programs. Individual learning improvement plans, program support group meetings and specialised individual programs ensuring goals are set and met within our mainstream school. Community support agencies are utilised to support students with additional needs including Speech Therapy and Counselling. Cobden Primary School also prides itself on its excellent intervention programs, where student progress, success and extension is paramount.

    Cobden Primary School is a vital learning hub.  Student needs are at the centre of all planning and decision-making. Our aim is to provide a supportive environment that fosters and develops each child’s confidence, self-discipline and persistence in an academic and social context. Cobden Primary School’s core values of care, respect and excellence are continually reflected upon and endeavoured in all areas of schooling, both academically and socially.