• FAQ


    The whole school assembly is in the BER Building each Monday Morning at 9:00am, where students meet for the National Anthem, followed by general notices and recognition of achievements.


    The usual bell times are:

    9:00am Learning sessions

    11:00am Recess

    11:30am Learning session

    1:30pm Eating Time

    1:40pm Lunch Play

    2:30pm Learning session

    3:20pm DISMISSAL


    Each year the Teaching Staff and School Council approve the system for providing individual and class requisites for use in school programs. This is known generally as the Booklist.

    Student requisites are ordered on behalf of all students and parents then pay the booklist items prior to the start of the school year, or a payment plan can be organised through the school. The individual student packs include such stationery items as exercise books, folders, pencils, pens and markers etc.

    Payments for student booklist can be made directly to the school office or online payments can also be arranged.


    Lunch orders can be handed in to the Bakery directly, or at the school office. A price list can be found on our school website or at the school office.


    Students are expected to wear their green school uniform for all school activities except for nominated casual dress days, or for camps and some excursions. Summer and Winter uniforms are available for purchase at Reicha’s Drapery in Cobden. For more information please refer to the School Uniform Policy under the policies tab. 


    Year 6 children participate in a Graduation function at the end of the school year to celebrate the conclusion of their primary schooling. At this event all students are provided with a graduation certificate and some individual achievement accolades are awarded by community groups.


    There are four house teams to which children are assigned when they are enrolled, Curdie (blue), Silvester (red), Geroge (yellow) and Barret (green). Senior students are elected to positions of responsibility such as House and Vice Captains.


    A whole school Newsletter is published on Thursday each week. It is available to the school community via the school bag app, our website and as a hard copy when requested by parent.


    Cobden Primary School is a ‘Sun Smart’ school. The school follows guidelines relating to the wearing a suitable wide brimmed hat for all outside activities during Term 1 and 4.


    Term dates can be found on the Education website: