Room 1

  • Welcome to the homepage of the Grade 2 class in Room 1!

    The Grade 2 students in Room 1 have had a fantastic start to the new school year and have consistently displayed a positive attitude to learning. Those in Room 1 have spent some time early in the year collectively developing some expectations and rules which we believe are important to follow, to help us create a welcoming environment for everyone. Below is a brief outline of our class timetable and important events that take place throughout the week for this year.


    ❖     Science with Ms Plozza at 10am


    ❖     P.E with Mrs Mackinnon at 12.30pm.

    ❖     LOTE with Mrs Harding at 2.20pm.


    ❖     Art at 12.30pm

    ❖     Big Write topic sent home


    ❖     “Big Write” at 11.30am


    ❖     Town library every fortnight after recess.


    Students in Room 1 usually spend the morning engaging in literacy, participating in Sounds Write and working on their reading and writing. Students usually learn about Maths after recess, and are regularly encouraged to use Mathletics at school and at home to develop their numeracy skills. On Wednesday, students will receive a planning and topic sheet about their Big Write. It is expected that these should be used to create discussion at home about potential ideas for the writing piece, before being returned to school on Thursday. It is also anticipated that each night/morning students in Room 1 engage in supervised reading and mark this off in their reading log book, before it is returned to school each day.

    We look forward to seeing development in all of our students across the year 2019!

    Jarryd Lewis & Meg Mackinnon