Room 10

  • Room 10

    Teacher: Mr. Kluver

    Year: 5/6

    Students: 20


    All of the students in room 10 have made an outstanding start to 2019. They have already displayed exceptional attitudes towards their learning and a good understanding of our school values; care, respect and excellence. I am looking forward to watching all of the students in room 1 grow and develop this year. I encourage parents/guardians to regularly talk with their child about school to support their growth and goal setting as this will be an important aspect of their learning in 2019.



    Diaries need to be at school on a daily basis. Students will put their learning goals in these on a Monday (unless there is a day off in which it will then be the first schooling day of the week) and will regularly fill in important events into the diary. Diaries need to be handed in on a Friday (or Thursday if Friday is a day off) in which we will write a comment and sign. Students should then take the diary home and get it signed before the next week.



    Homework will be handed out on a Friday. Students need to complete the Maths Mate and bring it in the following Thursday. We see this as an important part of schooling in developing organisation and identifying strengths and areas of improvement in students’ learning.


    Reading Logs

    Students each have a reading log. They should read each night and fill out their reading log accordingly.


    Big Talk

    Students will receive a planning sheet about their Big Write on a Wednesday. These should go home and be spoken about with a family member for around 10-15 minutes, signed and returned for the Big Write on a Thursday.


    Class DoJo’s

    This program is a form of celebrating success and rewarding good behaviour and quality work. Students can accumulate points for this and this year we would like parents/guardians to log in and look at some of the student’s work and achievements. The program is not designed for any venting and normal social media conduct applies; it is purely there for success, celebration and notes that are relevant to students. Students will also upload work and findings from their learning into this platform.



    Our Literacy sessions will focus largely on a CAFÉ’/DAILY 5 format as well as incorporating the Spelling Mastery program. The Big Write on a Thursday will continue. This has been a very successful program.

    Numeracy will develop a structure adopted by the whole school with a focus on warm-up games relating to various topics, number talk, vocabulary refreshers, a range of activities to enhance learning and reflection.

    Integrated Studies will facilitate students to lead their own direction of learning and discovery.


    I am looking forward to the year,


    Mr. Kluver