Room 11

  • Room 11

    Teacher: Mr. Murphy

    Year: 5/6

    A big welcome back to all students for the 2021 school year. It has been fantastic to see every student back at school after a well-earned break and they will be straight into learning and swimming. Students will also be engaging in the ‘Learning How to Learn’ program focussing on the school values of Care, Respect and Excellence’ as well as integrating the 5 keys to success being Resilience, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Confidence. These themes will be constantly reminded and supported throughout the year, with a strong theme in developing the leadership qualities of all students.

    I am excited to enhance understandings and develop the students in Room 11 and look forward to seeing them enjoy their schooling and progress their learning. I would like to encourage parent/guardian reflection with your child; as goal setting and evaluation will be a big part of this year. To ensure a consistent understanding of programs and expectations this year I have included an outline of important aspects to attaining success for your child.


    Diaries need to be at school on a daily basis. Diaries will have important dates and will also incorporate Mindfulness activities which will be done each day after the roll. There is also a space for students to log their home reading. This should be done each night and will be checked every morning. We would like to encourage the practice of taking the diary home, doing nightly reading and having it signed, putting straight into the school bag so it is at school each day.


    Our Year 3-6 teachers hand out homework on a Friday. Students need to complete the Maths Mate and bring it in no later than the next Thursday. We see this as an important part of schooling in developing organisation and identifying strengths and areas of improvement in students’ learning. Students who do not return their homework will need to catch up during their own time on Thursday.

    Big Talk

    Students will receive a planning sheet about their Big Write on a Wednesday. These should go home and be spoken about with a family member for around 10-15 minutes, signed and returned for the Big Write on a Thursday.


    Our major source of communication with parents/guardians will be through Compass.

    Mathletics and Reading Eggspress

    Students will have access to these technology learning apps in which they can utilise at home. Teachers are in the process of providing students with their login details.

    Class DoJo’s

    This program is a form of celebrating success and rewarding good behaviour and quality work. Students can accumulate points for excellent work and positive behaviours.


    Our Literacy sessions will focus largely on a reading rotation format as well as incorporating the STARS comprehension program.

    The 6 + 1 traits of writing and VCOP/Big Write will be utilised within our Writing sessions. These are very successful and consistent programs.

    Maths will take an exciting journey utilising best practise from the Primary Maths initiative which is now embedded within the school Maths sessions from F-6. Warm-up games, vocabulary, challenging tasks, explicit teaching and ongoing feedback is essential within Maths.

    Inquiry will facilitate students to lead their own direction of learning and discovery. The theme for Term 1 is ‘Learning How to Learn/Bullying No Way!’.

    Happy and Healthy Students

    A major priority is always on the positive ways students see themselves as learners and individuals as they grow. The class expectations are very simple, and can be placed into two goals:

    1. We want students to be happy and in a safe, supportive and vibrant environment,
    2. We want each student to always try their best, give themselves the best opportunity to learn and strive to improve.

    Students are also encourage to bring some brain food, fruit or vegetable to eat at 10am. A healthy lunch is also encouraged for students to sustain concentration and energy levels.


    This is a big focus at upper primary level. Students should use their diaries and remember to bring notes etc. into class first thing in the morning.

    Hopefully this gives a brief outline on the structure of the classroom your child is in this year and the guidelines given to attain an enjoyable and successful year. Please feel free to contact me at school; during school hours throughout the year should you have any queries or concerns. Please talk regularly with your child about school. Especially the successes they have had, as this is very beneficial in their outlook on school and how they feel about themselves.


    Looking forward to the year,


    Mr Murphy.

  • Room 11

    Room 11 prides themselves on upholding the schools values of:


    As a group they aim high in all aspects of their work and create a positive environment, which allows everyone to succeed and feel a valued member of the school community. The 5 keys to success are regularly revisited and exhibited by Room 11. The keys being: