Room 12


  • Welcome to Room 12 in 2020!


    I would like to welcome all students and families into Room 12 this year. It has been fantastic to see every student back at school after a well-earned break and how quickly they have all jumped straight into learning. The year is already off to a fantastic start in all our subjects and students have quickly settled into routine and are setting and working on their goals and actively displaying the school values of Care, Respect and Excellence’.


    I am excited to work with every student in Room 12 and I look forward to seeing them grow and develop across the year, enjoy their schooling and progress their learning. Using our Growth Mindset is strongly encouraged in our class. All students have already developed firm understanding of what it means to have a growth mindset, the benefits of it and when to use it. It has been wonderful to see it in action and to hear it discussed and encouraged between students.


    Our weekly schedule:



    • Assembly
    • PE


    • Science
    • LOTE
    • Big Talk Homework goes home


    • Big Write
    • Clubs
    • Big Talk and Maths Homework due


    • Library
    • Maths homework goes home


    Thankyou to all parents and carers for helping children make such a fantastic start to the school year. The students are all very motivated to learn, I would appreciate if this could be encouraged and continued at home by:

    • Reading: at home everyday for at least 20 minutes, discussing the story and recording reading in diary
    • Big Talk: assisting with this on a Wednesday night
    • Maths homework: this goes home on a Friday and is due back at school by the following Thursday
    • Mathletics and Reading Express: both online programs that our students are fortunate enough to have access to both at school and at home. Please utilise these subscriptions.


    I would like to encourage parent/guardian reflection with your child; as goal setting and evaluation will be a big part of this year. To ensure a consistent understanding of programs and expectations this year I have included an outline of important aspects to attaining success for your child.


    As students are moving up the school, they are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves, this includes organising themselves and remembering their dairies everyday.


    Diaries will have important dates and will also incorporate daily Mindfulness activities which will be done each day. They are also where students to log their home reading each day, where it will be checked each morning.



    I encourage all families to be a part of Class DoJo. This program is a form of celebrating success and rewarding good behaviour and quality work. Students can accumulate points for these and this year we would like parents/guardians to log in and look at some of the student’s work and achievements. Instructions on how to do this have gone home. This program is not designed for any venting and normal social media conduct applies; it is purely there for success, celebration and notes that are relevant to students. Students will also upload work and findings from their learning into this platform.


    Hopefully this gives a brief outline on the structure of our Room 12 classroom given to attain an enjoyable and successful year. Please feel free to contact me at school; during school hours throughout the year should you have any queries or concerns. Please talk regularly with your child about school. Especially the successes they have had, as this is very beneficial in their outlook on school and how they feel about themselves.


    I look forward to a fantastic year!


    Miss Gaut