Room 2


  • Welcome to Room 2!


    Teacher: Rebecca Smith

    Students: 16

    In Room 2 this year we are looking forward to working as a team in our classroom!
    We have had a great start to the year with our swimming program and getting started with our Sounds- Write, Science, PE and LOTE programs as well. Students have been working on their Term 1 theme; ‘All about me’, to learn more about themselves, their classmates and their teacher.


    Our Week:

    Monday: LOTE with Mrs Harding and Sounds Write with Miss Plozza


    Tuesday: Art with Miss Smith


    Wednesday: Science with Miss Plozza and PE with Mrs Harding


    Thursday: Big Write, Library & Computer lab with Miss Smith


    Friday: Finishing Friday


    We are very lucky to have the support of Miss Plozza on a Monday (11:30-12:30) and Jo Hudson on a Wednesday morning (9-11) to help us with our Sounds Write Program and our Science lesson.

    In Room 2 we have all been given a show and tell day, students are encouraged to share their news/items with the class each week to help extend their oral language and communication skills.