Room 3

  • Room 3
    From day one, the prep children in room 3 have been excited to begin school, and have been ready and eager to learn!
    Each day the children are loving our Discovery Learning sessions when they arrive at school, where they use hands on manipulatives and settle into the school setting in an enjoyable way.
    They are loving our daily Sounds Write program and are already reading, writing and sounding out a huge variety of words!
    Each day the children are bringing home their home reading folder with new books, and are enjoying reading a variety of texts, including decodable texts and Sounds Write books.
    Below is a brief outline of our class timetable and important events that will take place throughout the year.
    Assembly at 9am
    Science at 12:30 with Ms Plozza
    P.E. at 10:00 with Mrs Taylor
    L.O.T.E at 12:00 with Mrs Harding
    No school Term 1 (individual assessments).
    Buddies with the 5/6 students
    We utilise different resources in the classroom that are accessible for students at home. These include; Mathletics, Reading Eggs, Sunshine Online, Storyline Online and Epic Reading. These programs are wonderful in supporting and expanding their Literacy and Numeracy skills.
    We’ve had a wonderful start to the year already with our school swimming sports, art incursions with Joffa and our wonderful Buddies program with the 5/6 students.  We look forward to the rest of the year and the wonderful learning opportunities that we have in store!
    Mrs Crawford