Room 3

  • Room 3

    Teacher: Mrs. Guthrie

    Year: Foundation/1

    We are in Room 3 and Mrs Guthrie is our teacher. We have lots of kids in our classroom.  We have 8 preps and 12 Year Ones. We  have computers in our classroom.  We like eating Brain Food, it is healthy food. We all do a big write on a Thursday and we turn on the fairy lights.  We do reading every morning and we are really good readers.  We eat our lunch on the deck but sometimes we eat in the classroom. We read really quietly after lunch when we come inside.  We have good reading stamina because we don’t get distracted.  We listen to Mrs Guthrie when it is time to learn.  We are really good at packing up and keeping our classroom clean.  We take our shoes of when we come inside and we come inside quietly.  We have plants growing in our room.  We have a new red couch to sit and read on and red bean bags. We make good choices.