Room 8

  • Room 8

    Grade 5 and 6 have made a fantastic start to 2020, with a clear focus on their learning goals and intentions. We have already had great participation in the swimming program, and the Grade 5s have been working well with their Prep buddies. The Grade 6 students are busy organising projects for their Leadership areas, and have shown some real enthusiasm and passion for the Arts, Cultural Awareness, ICT, Sport and Well Being. We look forward to the activities and events they organise throughout the year.


    Please ensure that you and your child record their reading, and that they bring their diary every day. Students complete the mindfulness activity each morning, which is in the diary and it also teaches students routine and organisation skills.



    Homework is handed out on Friday and should be returned by Thursday morning at the latest.


    Big Talk

    Students will receive their Big Write homework on a Wednesday, which should be discussed with parents or guardians for 10 – 15 minutes, followed by students filling in their ideas sheet.


    I look forward to your child experiencing growth, learning, fun and success!


    Ms Cindy Heggie